The Shindellas Tap Into The Transformative Power Of Music On 'Happy To See You'

Nashville-based trio The Shindellas have been wooing us with their big voices and fun, throwback sound on singles like "Reconsider" and "Ain't That the Truth." However, on their latest single  "Happy to See You," the ladies slow things down in a major way, proving that their talents are more than just a gimmick.

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On the nearly six-and-a-half minute song, Stacy JohnsonTamara Williams and Kasi Jones flex their vocal harmonies over the soothing track. As they repeat the song's refrain, "I'm so happy to see you," over and over, it almost feels as if they are lulling you to sleep with a lullaby. While the track starts off simple enough, it slowly unwinds itself into a lush, full-bodied experience complete with flutes, guitars and a little bit of gospel-tinged organs. The slow build of the track further underscores the song's introspective message.

The ladies took to Facebook to explain the song's meaning in separate posts. According to Kaci the song is "a meditation, an affirmation, and a map to self love." For Tamara, her journey to self-discovery enabled her really tap into her talents and passion. "For me, that journey led to falling in love with myself and my gifts. It gave me reason to sing again. It allowed me to rediscover purpose," she describes.

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Stacy echoes that sentiment, describing the song as an appreciation of one's journey to his/her truth. "Happy to see you is for every person who feels lost or alone, eclipsed by their life’s circumstances and unseen by the world. We see you. We see your light. And that makes us so HAPPY!" Click below to take this transformative song for a spin and see if it makes you appreciate your personal journey.

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