Pete Philly & Jurley Colin Get Charged Up In 'Gigawatts II'

We're definitely digging Pete Philly's flex as of late. Not only is he giving us sweet vocals on tracks like "Favorite Song" and "Dear," he's also flexing his rhyme skills with the release of his new single "Gigawatts II." Joined by fellow rhymer Jurley Colin, Pete flows about skills and style over a electronic-meets-jazz-meets-trap beat. The two emcees let everyone know that they aren't here to play while they keep things 100 to the beat.

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The video for the song, however, seems to be almost all about leisure time. The fellas spend most of the video's runtime kicking it at a carnival playing games and cheesing it up in a skydiving simulator. It's not all fun and games, though. We also see the fellas rockin' a crowd while performing the track and participating in what looks to be a fight club for the bored business class. As you can tell from the description, a lot is going on here. Pete had a blast while filming it all, though.

"The video is the most fun I’ve ever had shooting mainly because it involved flying, like LITERALLY flying for minutes on end," he said in a press release. "You can’t see it in the video but there were many high-pitched squeals of joy whilst we shot those scenes."

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Get in on the good time and check out the video for "Gigawatts II" below.

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