Mario Makes Love Look Like A Trip In ‘Goes Like That’

After a lengthy wait, Mario finally gave his fans what they’d been hoping for with the release of his latest album Dancing Shadows. Singles like “Drowning” gave us an idea of what to expect from the set, but there were a few surprises on the project as well, especially the laid-back love groove “Goes Like That.” With its chill, easygoing vibe and romantic lyrics, it’s perfect single fodder, so it’s not surprising that it’s the next joint from the album to get the visual treatment.

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Mario leans into psychedelia for the song’s video. Starting with a chopped-and-screwed clip of the song playing as Mario sparks what appears to be a blunt, things get trippy almost immediately. The camera’s lens distorts the look of the video’s dimly lit settings as we’re taken on a seemingly continuous journey with Mario and his lady. The scenes change almost as often as the notes in the song, with the only constant being the two lovebirds cuddled up and canoodling like there’s no tomorrow. The level of intimacy on display here is enough to make anyone want to pull their boo thang close and get a little personal as the chemistry between Mario and his leading lady is undeniable. Even with all the wavy effects that simulate a night of the high life, this lover’s groove resonates and radiates through the screen.

Put one in the air and check out the trippy love affair going on in “Goes Like That” below. Then take a listen to Dancing Shadows, which features plenty more where that came from.

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