Little Dragon Takes Us Into The Fantasy World Of An Online Video Game In 'Lover Chanting'

Swedish electro-pop band Little Dragon just announced the release of their upcoming EP Lover Chanting, and now they have some trippy visuals for the lead single. The eclectic band get creative and take us on a digital trip into an online medieval video game. In true Little Dragon fashion, the video is chock full of color and funky outfits to keep your eyes occupied. Along with the upbeat '70s disco vibes of the actual track, we're in love with all of the throwback energy they're giving us.

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The Jack Whiteley and Joe Wills-directed video starts with a young girl dancing to the track in her room before she checks into her favorite online game. She enters the online fantasy world of "Lover Chanting" and her avatar, a handsome knight, encounters lead singer Yukimi Nagano dressed as a mythical character. We then go on a journey to a castle, where we get more odd characters and a whole dance party. There are new surprises at each level of the video game and things get more trippy as things progress.

Co-director Whiteley discussed the video's concept in a press release saying, "We felt there were some strong parallels to draw between the late-'70s disco scene and the world of online role play gaming. Two worlds worshipped for freedom of expression, pure escapism and the ability to redesign yourself in any way you want. This is our attempt at creating a hybrid between those two worlds – a surreal online gaming environment and a heated '70s disco dance-off!"

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After that vivid description, we kinda wish this online video game was real now. Get into Little Dragon's fantastical "Lover Chanting" music video, and get ready for the group to drop the Lover Chanting EP on November 9th.

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