Kali Uchis Delivers A ‘Killer’ Performance On ‘COLORS’

In the midst of her In Your Dreams Tour, where over half of the shows have sold-out, singer/songwriter Kali Uchis reminds fans of what she does best with her recent rendition of her track “Killer” for COLORS. Without the distraction of elaborate stage props or live instrumentation, the Colombian-American enchantress belts out the melancholy tune alone in a maroon-tinted room with only a dangling microphone. Donning a ruby red bralette, a mini shirt and sneakers, she carefully crafts each note as she sings of a broken heart. Her tone captures all the pain of a jilted lover as she sings, “Forever is for dreamers / And it’s foolish to not know you’re a schemer / It’s silly to think of our unborn children / ‘Cause all I’m thinking about right now is how I’ll never know ’em / And if you loved me, you would never do this / Our future’s battered and bloody, you’re so f**king ruthless.”

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“Killer” is the last and oldest track on Kali’s critically-acclaimed debut studio album Isolation. Written at the tender age of 17, at a time when she was living out of her car while deep in the throes of a turbulent relationship, she felt the song was an appropriate way to bring the album to a close, given the somber subject matter. She laughs saying, “Any song where you’re singing about dying should probably be the end of your album.” The 15-track project touched on a plethora of moods, with Kali delivering each one with bold authenticity. She exudes this same realness during this stripped-down COLORS performance, placing it among the platform’s most memorable.

Watch Kali Uchis’ stirring performance of “Killer” below, and be sure to cop the full album from the digital platform of your choice. Fans in Boston, Toronto, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak and Minneapolis can still grab tickets on her website for the remaining shows of her tour.


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