Justine Skye Decides To Work On Herself Instead Of Trying To 'Build' The Perfect Man

Depending on who you ask, the perfect man may or may not exist. Even if one is blessed to find the one they believe to be their soulmate, certainly there are attributes you’d add or take away, if that were possible. Rather than waste time wallowing in the disappointment of a lover not quite living up to what she would expect from her ideal mate, singer/songwriter/actress/model Justine Skye chooses to focus on the one person she knows will never disappoint: Herself.

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Following the release of her full-length debut Ultraviolet earlier this year, the Brooklyn-born beauty returns with a spicy single entitled “Build” featuring R&B cutie Arin Ray. Over a smoldering groove, she runs down the list of qualities her prototypical partner would possess, while throwing shade to her ex who didn’t measure up. She kicks off the track in a petty mood singing, “If I could build a n***a / Like, really build a n***a / He'd probably look a little bit better than you / And be a couple inches bigger.” Noting that her former beau lacks more than the physical, and realizing that true happiness comes from within, she continues to go in on the second verse singing, “He'd probably make a little more than me / Maybe six or seven figures / But since I can't build a man / I'ma work on who I am / Spending all my time on me / Instead of living in make believe.”

That sentiment is exactly what she hopes will be the track’s main takeaway. “How many times have you sat there and wished you could build a person who is ideal for you — or what you think is ideal in your head,” she asks. “At the conclusion of the song, I realize you can’t build the perfect person, because there is no perfect person. What you have to do is make sure you’re perfect for yourself. Since I can’t build a man, I’m going to work on who I am. That’s the moral of every relationship. I need to focus on what’s going on with Justine Skye before I can help someone else change whatever demons are going on with them. I have to fix me.”

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Give Justine Skye’s “Build” featuring Arin Ray a spin below, add it to your “Boy Bye” playlist from your favorite digital platform and keep an eye out for her upcoming EP Fall For It, which is due out later this year.

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