Devin Tracy Makes Soulection Debut With 'Black Label' EP

Photo Credit: Leonardo Volcy

Singer Devin Tracy makes his Soulection debut in a big way with the release of his new EP as part of the label’s Black Label series, which highlights rising vocalists and rappers. For the second installment of the series, they couldn’t have picked a better choice, as the vibe is set from the moment the first beat drops and Devin starts in with his cool and seemingly effortless ad libs. The project is four tracks of some much-needed R&B goodness to warm our souls as we ride into cooler temperatures. His smooth, soothing voice melts over each track as he sings stories of love, covering everything from the forbidden to walking away to giving it all another try. Whether you are looking forward to cuddling up with your lover this fall or you're currently recruiting for cuffing season, this EP provides the perfect soundtrack.

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No time is wasted in capturing our ear with smooth basslines, laid-back grooves and pristine harmonies. Devin kicks things off with the mellow “Favorite Lover,” an ode to the one who has yet to make things official. Over the Evil Needle-produced track, his tone somehow captures both infatuation and frustration as he sings, “You got me, it's stupid / I want it, don’t fight it / Please tell me I’m the one / Tell me I’m your favorite lover.” From there, he picks things up a bit with the two-step inducing “Heard You Say It" before showing completely off both vocally and lyrically on the brutally brief interlude “Break It Down.” He closes out on a high note with “For Me,” which stresses the importance of taking time out for oneself and accepting the risks that may come along with it. From start to finish, the project is a SoulBounce-certified jam, leaving us eager for more.

Cozy up and check out Devin Tracy’s Soulection Black Label: 02 EP. It’s perfect for your cold weather playlist and is available now on Soulection's website and all digital platforms. There's no word on what’s next for the talented Mr. Tracy, but we’re hopeful that this impeccable EP is simply a teaser for what’s to come.

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