Tiffany Evans Gives Us A ‘T-Mix’ Of Ella Mai’s ‘Trip’

Tiffany Evans is no stranger to remixing popular R&B songs and making them her own. In the past, we’ve seen the 26-year-old songstress flip tracks from the likes of Janet JacksonJacquees and The Weeknd and now she tries her hand at Ella Mai‘s latest single “Trip.” Backed by only a piano, Tiffany takes the popular track and keeps her T-Mix short and sweet, running just shy of two minutes.

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She adds her own spin to the lyrics, singing “I won’t let you catch me in my feelings / You know I’m the realest, well I try to be / And I can’t let no n****s see this side of me.” In a recent Instagram post, she said about the song, “Definitely not fallin in love like this any time soon. It’s scary 🙅🏽‍♀️😩 but it’s beautiful to sing about.” And she sounds beautiful on the track, leaving us wanting more remixes and originals.

Lucky for us, Tiffany is working on her follow-up to 2015’s All Me, and she most recently released her single “Money Ain’t Everything” earlier this summer. Now that we’re getting more music from Evans, it looks like we’re getting a little closer to her new project. While you wait, listen to Tiffany Evans’ “Trip (T-Mix)” and see if you like the direction she took.

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