Mariah Carey Invites You To ‘GTFO’ Of Her Home

After gracing us with her new single “GTFO,” Mariah Carey is wasting no time with the roll out for her next project. While we’ll have to wait until October 5th for the official first single, “With You,” casual fans and lambs can indulge in the music video for her new buzz single right now.

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With a title like “GTFO,” you’d expect the video to be filled with fight scenes, scandal and a barely dressed male lead. But that’s not the case here. The “GTFO” video is more of a tease of things to come than a tour de force. The concept of the video is the aftermath of a break up. It’s all over, even the shouting. What we see is the diva meandering through a quaint and charming home, singing the lyrics to her song. A spotlight cuts through the darkness to give us glimpses of the diva sitting on kitchen countertops, laying across a couch and walking the hallways of her home. While it’s clear that love don’t live here anymore, Mariah stands bright, triumphant and rather sexy in the cold, stark abode. She’s done with the mess and living her best life. We’re also treated with to few trademark diva side eyes, some dreamy glances and Mimi generally looking unamused and unfazed about anything around her.

“GTFO” should satisfy if not bolster Mariah’s lambs who are hungry for new material from the dynamic diva. After a series of singles that failed to pick up steam, Carey is moving forward in anticipation of her first album in four years. The follow-up to 2014’s Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse, her untiled 15th album will reportedly include collaborations with Canadian imports Drake and Daniel Caesar. In addition to the album, the legendary global icon plans to produce a fictional drama based on her life for the Starz Network. The end of 2018 sounds like it’s going to be a doozy for Mariah and her stanbase, and we’re rooting for her to win again.

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