It’s All ‘About Love’ For James Fauntleroy

In-demand singer-songwriter James Fauntleroy continues his longstanding tradition of gracing us with copious amounts of music. This year alone he’s dropped several solo songs, including “Rolex,” on top of keeping his pen busy for frequent collaborators like Justin Timberlake. Now he’s back on the solo tip again with his latest loosie “About Love.”

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Of course, a song titled “About Love” is going to be about love. James sets up a simple rhythm to anchor the song. Over the soft thud of the kick drum and the gentle tap of the snare, he layers bass and subtle rhythm guitar to set the mood. It allows him to wax poetic about what love is and can be. “Your love is like all four seasons / Growing, learning / Life has a reason,” he sings. “It was always love / But now it’s something it never was.” James’ poetic words highlight what love can be, especially as it grows and evolves over the course of time. And with the simple rhythm lulling you into the groove and his soothing vocal, we can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with this song on first listen.

As with all things James Fauntleroy, this one will more than likely only live on his SoundCloud profile. Luckily, he’s also good about never taking down his work, so you can enjoy it for as long as you like. Listen to it below.

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