Eryn Allen Kane Showers Us With Love On 'Feel The Need'

Eryn Allen Kane's talent is something that more people need to know. The Bounce-Worthy singer-songwriter who first grabbed our attention in 2015 has shown and proved why she's a force to be reckoned with on her previous EPs Aviary: Act I and Aviary: Act II. In fact, she already garnered praise and co-signs from the lacks of contemporaries like Chance the Rapper and the late great Prince. She's taken a more low-profile approach recently, but she's ready to return to the scene at the end of this month with her brand new EP Imperial Soul, which she's introducing with her soulful new single "Feel The Need."

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"Feel The Need" fits in perfectly with the previous work we've heard from the singer. Eryn channels old soul hallmarks — including soul-stirring backing vocals, striking horns and an easy-going groove — to offer up an inspiring message. Catching our attention with the music allows her to tell a story laced with wisdom from her mother. Her message is simple, timeless and universal: Put love out into the world. "You're a gift from above / You're a gift from above, child / You were sent here to love," she sings on the chorus. "Show them all love / Baby, shower your love / All we really need is love." Her bright, happy and slightly raspy vocal sells the message in a way that few artists could without it becoming treacly or cliche and ultimately leaving listeners with a smile on their face.

Given her previous output and "Feel The Need," we have a feeling that Imperial Soul will also leave us all smiling. We'll find out when Eryn Allen Kane's latest is released on September 28th. In the meantime, take a listen to the song right here and then peep the EP's tracklist below.

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Eryn Allen Kane Imperial Soul tracklist:

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1. Intro
2. Feel The Need
3. Fragile
4. Spare Some Change
5. Gill Interlude
6. Hummingbird
7. Let Me Breath
8. With You

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