Black Eyed Peas Confront Some Uncomfortable Truths With 'Big Love'

The Black Eyed Peas are readying the release of their newest album, Masters Of The Sun, a more conscious-minded effort than their more recent chart-focused albums with (possibly former member) Fergie. They've wowed us with a return to original form with singles like "Constant," "Ring The Alarm" and "Street Livin'" and the amazing visuals that have accompanied them. They make their biggest statement, however, with the double video for their latest single "Big Love."

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"Big Love" has some similarities with one of their biggest pop hits "Where Is The Love?" in its message and pop appeal. However, rather than a feel-good pop ditty, "Big Love" finds the fellas once again addressing societal ills ranging from our current state of political unrest in the U.S. The sentimental piano along with the bombastic chorus should be enough to get it play on radio and maybe (just maybe) its message will resonate. Also sure to help in that goal is its fairly controversial double video.

Though the two clips both use the song in its entirety, they both have completely different premises. The first handles the epidemic of school shootings, with the fellas appearing as cops and school faculty members during a mass shooting at a high school. Rather than shy away from the violent episode, they graphically show the violence and repercussions of the event to illustrate how heinous the act truly is and why we need to do all in our power to make it stop. The second version of the video confronts the immigration issue that's being exacerbated by #45. They take us down to the U.S./Mexico border to show us a day in the life of immigrants and their families as children are rounded up and separated from their parents only to be locked up like criminals.

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Both videos make their own statement, but the undeniable message from the Black Eyed Peas is that these things can be changed if we all use our voices and vote against the politicians who refuse to do something about these tragic realities. We're sure many more politically charged messages will be found when Masters Of The Sun arrives on October 12th. Watch the videos for "Big Love" below.

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