AlunaGeorge Gets Lost In ‘Emotion’ With Cautious Clay

We’re getting closer to the release of AlunaGeorge‘s Champagne Eyes, but curiosity (and anticipation, of course) are putting our patience to the test. After making the brave decision to leave their Island Records label (amicably, no scandal), the EP marks their first project as indie artists. It also promises a shift from the electro-pop/EDM-leaning bops that they’ve become known for, back to the hybrid blend of electronic soul that they created when the group first formed.

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We got our first listen earlier this month when the duo premiered a body roll-inducing groove called “Superior Emotion” featuring Cautious Clay. The shimmery slow jam was all about catching feelings, wookin’ pa nub (in all the wrong places) and the ultimate realization that real love is more than an emotional high. Now, the duo shares an interesting visual treatment that will make you chuckle while giving you some food for thought.

Through a soft, hazy lens, director Courtney Brookes (or Bourtney Crookes as the video jokingly implies) creates a dreamlike setting – the perfect backdrop for frontwoman Aluna Francis to pine for the object of her affection. Homegirl tries everything she can think of to turn the odds in her favor, including reading horoscopes, consulting a Magic 8-ball, eating more fortune cookies than should be consumed in one sitting and even sage smudging.

Aluna recently expounded on the concept in an interview with FADER, saying, “I really wanted to work with a female director who understood how to mix satire and beauty to really tell the story of this song. In the same way, having really got to know Cautious I felt like he would perfectly capture the object of my unrequited affection with his incredible voice and nuanced lyrics.” Check the “Superior Emotion” visuals below to see how it all unfolds, and be on the lookout for Champagne Eyes when it drops next Friday, October 5th.

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