William Of Evans Spits His Best Game On ‘Player Two’

Adam had Eve. Link had Zelda. Mario had Princess Toadstool. Meanwhile, many of us are still looking for a compatible homey, lover, friend and partner. Finding that special person to help you navigate life can be a journey in itself. Atlanta-based singer/songwriter William Of Evans tries to unpack the complexities of modern dating on his single “Player 2.”

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“Player 2” is about a shy nerdy guy trying to connect with a special someone who’s caught his eye. What follows is an awkward one-sided conversation between William Of Evans and an answering machine over a booming soundbed of bass, percussion, synths and handclaps courtesy of William’s wingman, producer IAMNOBODI. Of course, the track is also filled with clever metaphors to video games, like “I’ll give up my high score / And my cheat codes, too / ‘Cause every player one needs a player two.”

Along with releasing the track, William also shared a cute lyric video. The clip is a tribute to the arcade classic Galaga. While Player One waits for someone to join him while fighting off a space invasion, the lyrics scroll across the screen. Thankfully, someone with a few spare quarters finally joins in the melee. However, the ending shows us that things may have been over before they even started.

“Player 2” is a surprise treat from self-described nerdcore artist William Of Evans who has a unique style that is quite relatable. Give some play to this up-and-coming artist, and watch the “Player 2” lyric video right here.

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