Sting & Shaggy Get Animated For ‘Just One Lifetime’

One of the oddest things that have occurred this year is the arrival of Sting and Shaggy‘s collaborative album 44/876. The mashup of Sting’s pop and Shaggy’s reggae sensibilities was a surprise because no one could’ve fathomed the two getting together musically, nor could they have expected the album to be so damn catchy. But the album’s feel-good vibes have an ability to win over even skeptics and so will the latest video from the album, an animated take on single “Just One Lifetime.”

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Director Judit Boor takes imagery from the song as well as a bit of inspiration from the sound to create a lighthearted visual that tracks the duo, a walrus and a sailor. The foursome go on a worldwide adventure that takes them from beaches to cities and highways as they sing of taking the time to enjoy the life you’re given and spreading love and positivity. But they aren’t just about the good vibes, as they also take the time to address the things going on in the world, including the uncertainty of the political and actual climate of the world. However, the main message is clear: live life to the fullest because you only get one.

In addition to releasing new music, you can also see the collaborators take the stage together during their ongoing 44/867 Tour, which will be making a stop at the North Sea Jazz Festival at month’s end before heading stateside this September and continues throughout the Americas in the month of October. Check out the video for “Just One Lifetime” below and then head to Sting’s website to see when the tour will be headed your way.

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