Ledisi Wants To Teach You How To Walk 'The Walk' In Her New Book

Singer Ledisi has tackled the music world with ease, earning her a spot as one of the industry’s premiere vocalists. Now, she is preparing to make her mark on the publishing world with the release of her upcoming book, The Walk: Accepting Your Life As It Is Now.

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In the inspirational book, the singer shares with the readers the steps she took on her journey to living her best life. The book, which will be published by Noah's Ark Publishing, has an official release date of September 23rd. However, it is currently available for purchase via Amazon in paperback and digital form. The Walk seems like a logical next step for the singer who has consistently maintained her optimistic outlook in an industry that can often break people down.

While the book has yet to make its official debut, support is already pouring in from celebrities. Self-help guru Iyanla Vanzant is already showing her support for the book in a featured quote on its back cover, saying, "And just like her songs, the gems she so bravely shares about her life will inspire many." Fellow singer and entertainment legend Patti LaBelle also gives the text her vote of confidence by stating, "Just like her voice, personality, and music, Ledisi has written a book to uplift and empower the world. Her joy for the simplicities in life is contagious. What a wonderful book." Lastly, movie mogul and director Tyler Perry rounds out the chorus of early praise, adding that the book "reminds us to keep our insanely complex lives simple with childlike optimism and a steady spiritual realignment."

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With her bubbly personality and infectious outlook, we have no doubt that the newlywed has quite a few words of encouragement to share with fans and readers around the world. If you are in need of that little extra push and some valuable life lessons, be sure to head over to Amazon to order the book for your personal library.

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