DRAM Might Steal Your Girl With His ‘Hugs’

After celebrating his birthday last week, it looks like DRAM wanted to have another party to properly usher in his personal new year. The cheery singer/rapper has decided to gift us with the visuals for his latest single “Best Hugs.” The video, which documents a quirky neighborhood swingers and fetish party, is a cautionary tale about leaving your significant other unattended around DRAM. Essentially, if you don’t treat her right, he will. As expected, because DRAM, the visuals are hilarious and widely inappropriate but very enjoyable to watch.

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To match the ’80s vibe of the single, DRAM and some of his random friends congregate at a local party house, equipped with an old school bar, furniture and the like. DRAM is present and accounted for with his signature grin, and we get a tour of the shindig that includes a lot of interesting characters. Our leadin man has a blast at the party, as he always does, and we keep our eyes glued to the screen as things get even weirder towards the end.

Like the song says, DRAM attempts to steal your girl with hugs and it really doesn’t get any more ridiculous and innocent than that. “Best Hugs” hails from his three-song EP That’s a Girl’s Name, which he recently released in July. If you’re looking for a warm hug of an EP, you can purchase That’s a Girls Name from your favorite digital retailer. Watch the video for “Best Hugs” right here to see if DRAM is successful on his mission to scoop all the ladies up when you press play.

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