Daley’s Lyric Video For ‘Careless’ Is Quite Deliberate

Daley‘s sophomore album The Spectrum was one of our favorite releases of 2017; not just because we’d been craving a new project from the UK artist for years, but also because the stellar 13-track set was so worth the wait. His extensive tour in support of the album only made us love it even more as he mesmerized audiences all over the world with his piercing, emotive vocals. There is one thing that has puzzled us, though. Where are the videos??

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Aside from the treatment for his Jill Scott duet “Until the Pain is Gone,” it’s been a desert on the visual front. We don’t mean to be persnickety. It’s just that we loved the multi-hued aesthetic of The Spectrum‘s digital and print images so much, we were hoping for a Pantone wonderland of music videos to accompany the project. Thankfully, things are looking up as his new lyric video for “Careless” has given us hope that he’s got more good things in store.

The song, which features enigmatic talent Chiiild, is an undeniable bop built upon ’90s R&B, hip-hop and house. Chris West, the man behind the album’s “making of” footage, used various shades of purple to create a neon-lit backdrop for Daley’s lyrics to stand out. As a follow-up, it would be fun to see a ’90s-inspired video to go along with the overall vibe of the song. But for now, this will do just fine. Check the clip below and keep up with Daley via Twitter and Instagram.

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