DJ Jazzy Jeff & Mick Are Back With ‘Vol. 9’ Of Their ‘Summertime’ Soundtrack

Cookout season is officially upon us. Besides the actual food on the menu, music is probably the second most important part of a successful cookout, because nothing ruins the fun faster than a terrible soundtrack. Well, for the ninth year in a row, DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick are here to save your cookouts, get-togethers, functions and kickbacks from bad music with the release of their Summertime Vol. 9 mixtape.

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Things kick off with as they always do with an exclusive, unreleased track to get the party started. This year’s exclusive features Rhymefest putting his spin on the Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince‘s 1991 classic single, “Summertime.” From that point on, its a non-stop party for the next hour and some change as Jeff and Mick (formerly known as Mick Boogie) breeze through tried-and-true party starters by the likes of AmerieMichael JacksonThe Jackson 5OutKastT.I.Q-TipArrested DevelopmentSlick RickJean Carne and Justin Timberlake.

The blend of hip-hop, soul, disco, funk and jazz transitions seamlessly, each song bringing an entirely new vibe to the mixtape while giving a nod to both the past and present that music has to offer. This fun and light-hearted mix does the heavy-lifting for anybody looking to keep the good vibes flowing during his/her next shindig. The best part about Summertime Vol. 9 is that it is versatile, possessing the ability to not only kickstart fun but also to serve as the soundtrack for a day (or night)  just lounging around the house. No matter what purpose you plan on using DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick’s latest collabo, one thing is for certain — there’s absolutely no way you can lose with this lively party-rocking blend.

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