DJ Cuzzin B Turns The BBQ Into A Blue-Eyed Soul Fest With 'Average White Mixtape 9'

The Fourth of July is the mother of all cookout-centric holidays. Regardless of how hot it is – and y'all...IT. IS. HOT. here on the East Coast – folks of all persuasions will happily suffer the heat for good food and good vibes. We all know that good times become the best of times when your playlist is on point. Of course, our resident mixologists like dj harvey dent have got you covered with curated collections like Flames and Grill & Chill. But DJ Cuzzin B came just in time to stir the pot with another installment of his Average White Mixtape series.

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Bringing us equal opportunity soul from our "sisters and brothas from the other color," Average White Mixtape 9 is a solid collection of '80s pop-soul, classic rock and new wave with splashes of modern-day soul. Obviously, no AWM collection would be complete without the likes of Michael McDonald, Steely Dan and Toto...because, greatness. But the inclusion of artists like John Cougar (OK, he doesn't use "Cougar" anymore, but we grew up in the '80s, so it stays) Mellencamp , Peter Gabriel, Robert Palmer, Robbie Dupree and Joe (don't try to tell us "Steppin' Out" wasn't the ish back in the day) Jackson lets us know it's real.

Cuzzin masters the delicate balance of paying homage to the past and bringing us back to the future with nods to artists like Justin Timberlake, Tove Lo, Louis Cole, Moon Boots, MGMTBenny Sings and Evil Needle (who gets an assist from our boy Devin Tracy on the groovy "Give It Back"). There's a little something for everyone in the 50-minute set, but the inclusion of SoulBae's Moonchild, Jordan Rakei, Tom Misch, Allen Stone and the late Amy Winehouse are undoubtedly the cherry on top of this satisfying holiday treat.

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Instead of adding raisins to the potato salad (we're lookin' at you, Karen), download your FREE copy of Average White Mixtape 9 and bring something good to the cookout for a change.

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