Trevor Jackson Is A Man On A Mission In ‘Good Enough’

Is it just us or is Trevor Jackson pretty much everywhere these days? He’s on our TV screens in Grown-ish, on the big screen in Superfly and on our computer screens with his revealing music videos. Oh, and he’s in our ears with a constant stream of new music that’s showing no signs of stopping. The latest on that front is his new single “Good Enough” and its accompanying video.

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Given the song’s title, you might expect it to be another begging and pleading number from a male R&B singer. That’s not the case in the slightest. Instead, Trevor is tapping into a much more sexual energy over the steamy, slightly tropical groove as he ponders if another woman is worthy to join him and his girl in the bedroom. In the video, Trevor takes the concept even further, becoming a sort-of secret agent sent in with his female partner to rescue a woman unhappy with her brute of a boyfriend. His sexy swagger and the feminine allure of his partner make this mission very possible, with Trevor putting on a full show (including dance moves) to get her complete and undivided attention. Needless to say, Trevor prevails in the end and we’re even treated a brief scene of what may have transpired after the fact.

“Good Enough” is the latest in a bevy of new music coming from Trevor Jackson which shows no signs of stopping — and we’re not mad. Check him doing his thing in “Good Enough” below.

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