Leon Bridges Gets 'Liberated' With DeJ Loaf & Takes Us 'Beyond'

While Leon Bridges has always been soulful, his debut album had a much older sound than the talented musician's years. The release of his recent album Good Thing, however, has seen him step more into modern territory. In fact, he's even branching out to collab with some of his peers. Rapper and labelmate DeJ Loaf recently tapped the Texas native to guest on her recent single "Liberated," combining their styles pretty well to create a modern anthem for those looking to get free.

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"Liberated" is a song that celebrates individuality and love in all of its facets. It's especially supportive of the right to love how one chooses, with both Leon and DeJ repeating the refrain "I won't judge who you love or your brown skin." The track's colorful video is an extension of that notion and includes appearances of people from all walks of life, including several gender non-conforming individuals sharing their own truths. It also features the two coming together and having a good time as they celebrate life and getting free while rocking patterned, brightly colored clothing that gives new meaning to the term "eye-popping."

In addition to "Liberated," Leon also recently dropped a video for his Good Things single "Beyond." Like the romantic arc of the song, the video follows a similar story. We see the singer have a chance meeting with a flawless beauty while hanging out with friends. That prompts him to imagine the future of their love from first dates to first kisses and tender caresses. Though pretty straightforward in structure, it does offer more of Leon shedding his image as a retro-soul recreator and stepping into a more contemporary look and feel, complete with him showing off a few slick dance moves against a backdrop of twinkling city lights.

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You can get your own double dose of Leon Bridges by checking out both his feature in DeJ Loaf's "Liberated" and his own video for "Beyond" below.

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