Chaka Khan Inspires Folks To Get Down In ‘Like Sugar’

When we first got to listen to Chaka Khan‘s latest single, “Like Sugar,” we mentioned how much the song made us want to dance. Let’s face it, the Switch-produced single was made to shake your thang to while out on the dance floor. So, when it came time to drop a video, is it really that surprising that its creators decided to dedicate it to dance?

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Chaka herself doesn’t appear in the video at all. Instead, she allows an eclectic group of dancers to take up 100 percent of the camera time while her dynamic voice provides the soundtrack. The Kim Gehrig-directed clip combines the dancers’ smooth moves with fashion influences from both the ’70s and modern day to keep things visually interesting. Also adding to the clip’s allure are interesting visual effects which loop the dancers’ moves, which were choreographed by Parisian choreo duo I Could Never Be A Dancer, to the beat of the song to create a glitchy effect that follows the song’s cuts, starts and stops to create a seamless experience.

“Like Sugar” is just a taste of what newness we can expect from Chaka Khan, who is set to release a new album this year on Switch’s new label Diary Records. We don’t know about y’all, but we’re entirely here for more of this. Check out the visual for “Like Sugar” below.

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