Tom Bailey Mourns A Lack Of Relationship With His ‘Patriarch’

This month was all about celebrating our phenomenal mothers. But come next month, it’s time to show love to our amazing dads. As we prepare ourselves for cookouts and think of cool ways to honor the men in our lives, it can be a bittersweet affair for those of us who never really had a relationship with our fathers. Bounce-Worthy singer/songwriter/musician/producer Tom Bailey addresses this very issue in his latest single, “Patriarch.”

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While we’ve come to expect sultry vibes and GTD grooves from the artist, he shows a different side of himself on the personal track lifted from his Collections EP. The stirring song is cloaked in gospel overtones, with organ and tambourine adding to the church-like feel. The sadness in his voice is both beautiful and haunting as he sings poignant lines like, “Do you even know me, or do we share just a last name?” and “Sometimes I still reach out my hand, hoping you’ll be there.”

Even if you have a great connection with your father, “Patriarch” is a worthwhile listen because it’s just plain good. Listen below, then keep scrolling to get back to your happy place with his sexy Latin-infused groove “Cómo te va.”  The infectious single is rumored to be a part of his full-length debut, but in the meantime, Collections is currently available wherever good music is sold.

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