SZA Invites Donald Glover Into Her 'Garden'

SZA has just released the fifth video from her GRAMMY-nominated album CTRL for the single “Garden (Say It Like Dat).” After appearing in Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s video for “This Is America” in a blink-and-you-might-miss-her cameo, the performer returns the favor as her love interest in the clip for the song.

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In case you haven’t heard the track yet, “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” is a ballad about looking for a lover who embraces you – flaws and all – and lifts you up. However, like many of the themes throughout the album, SZA also dangerously wants to lean on her lover a bit too much, as a substitute for her own self-esteem. There cute lyrics like, “Lie to me and say my booty getting bigger even if it ain’t,” and some not-so-sweet lines like, “And I hope you never find out who I really am.”

Directed by Drake’s new auteur homegirl Karena Evans, the video for “Garden” is surprisingly literal, taking place in a garden, or at least in the appearance of one amongst some foliage and trees in Maui. The clip starts with SZA waking up in a cave overlooking the beach wearing an all-white bathing suit. She walks through the cave into the forest and meets up with Mr. Glover-Gambino. Through a hazy filter effect, we watch as the two lovers canoodle and frolic through the shrubbery. Meanwhile, we also get some clips of SZA posing and stretching her long legs for days and flaunting her flexibility. The clip ends with SZA crossing over some rocky terrain and meeting an older woman dressed in all-white played by her mother, Audrey Rowe. The visual then fades out with Ms. Rowe giving us some words of wisdom about dealing with your frenemies as the credits roll.

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“Garden (Say It Like Dat)” is the latest in a series of videos SZA has released from her groundbreaking debut album, including recent visuals for “Doves in the Wind” and “Broken Clocks.” We’re still waiting to hear when SZA will release the revamped version of CTRL, but we’re guessing it'll some time after the Championship Tour with her TDE family. Until that happens, press play to watch SZA's "Garden" glow.

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