Jessie Reyez Goes On Trial For Her ‘Body Count’

Throughout history, women have been persecuted for wanting the same rights and respect as men. One of the most infamous examples was the Salem Witch Trials, where women (and some men) were burned at the stake, often for rumors and hearsay. It’s against this backdrop that Jessie Reyez expresses her views on women’s sexual rights in the music video for her song “Body Count.” The song is a playful ditty about the serious subject of how society looks at women versus men when it comes to sex.

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In the dramatic period piece directed by Peter Huang, Jessie Reyez is forcibly dragged through town in front of puritanical onlookers with their judging stares. She puts up quite a fight as she sings her song in protest, but there’s no escaping her fate as she’s brought to a wooden stake and tied to it. The pyre around her is lit and flames soon overtake our feisty heroine.

While the video’s execution is simple, there are a few subtle notes. The visual includes a multicultural cast to show that the persecution of women is universal in scope. Women are seen as equally guilty of the same sexist attitudes as men and two people in the crowd surreptitiously hold hands. Despite the glum circumstances, the video does show a silver lining to the somber clip. At the very end, all that’s left of Jessie is her beating heart in a striking display. She may be gone, but her heart lives on.

Hit play below to watch Jessie Reyez powerful visual for “Body Count,” and don’t judge anyone but yourself.

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