Watch Jennifer Lopez, DJ Khaled & Cardi B Make Money Moves In ‘Dinero’

Though Cardi B made making money moves a thing, Jennifer Lopez is dead set on taking it to the next level. She planted the seed of what was to come when she released her recent Cardi-featuring, DJ Khaled-produced single “Dinero.” But, this being J. Lo, you already knew that she had to accompany the single rollout with a dynamic visual to match.

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Jennifer opts for the obvious route in the clip, as we see her strut around a palatial mansion while dripping in designer fashions, drowning in jewels and flossing more than a dentist working overtime. But while her actions might be typical, she unexpectedly marries the trappings of modern-day opulence with an old-school glamour aesthetic that keeps things interesting. Speaking of interesting, Cardi also manages to once again steal the show as she slides into the clip full of personality and pizzazz while demanding her ducats and telling all naysayers to pucker up to her cheeks (and not the ones on her face). J. Lo, meanwhile, makes sure you remember that she can also dance, cutting up with a small dance army before the black-and-white clip fades completely to black.

You’ll definitely want to get into Jennifer Lopez’s latest money moves. Check out the video for “Dinero” right here and, in case you missed it, see her murdering the track live at the Billboard Music Awards below.

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