There's A 'Fire' Within Deva Mahal

Since its premiere in March, Deva Mahal's debut album Run Deep has made a lasting impression on music lovers and critics all around the world. The combination of penetrating lyrics, complex instrumentation and Ms. Mahal's rich, textured vocals have made it a must-have for everyone from soul aficionados to casual listeners. Her visuals have been equally enchanting. She first cast a spell with "Snakes," and now returns with "Fire."

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The slow-burning ballad was inspired by a personal experience in the singer's life; a relationship that she ultimately decided had to end. "Sometimes you are no longer light and can drag really beautiful and amazing people down into the darkness that surrounds you," she recently explained to Billboard. "This a letter to a past love. A kind of apology."

Set in a sprawling, picturesque desert, the John Rutland-directed treatment seems to depict Deva's inner struggle between id and ego (visualized with the help of dancer Gina Gonsalves). Billowing clouds of neon smoke enrich the barren landscape while mirrors reflect the fractured, poetic movements of her soul. Mahal further expounds on the concept, saying, "The more you are consumed by the fire, the more you are reborn anew. And each time, you emerge stronger than before.”

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Peep the stunning video below and support the artist by purchasing a copy of Run Deep if it's not already part of your collection. Afterwards, be sure to check her current tour schedule as she makes several stops around the world.

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