Bridget Kelly Ponders The Reality Of Her Situationship On 'In The Grey'

Most love stories aren’t as black-and-white as boy-meets-girl, boy and girl fall in love and boy and girl live happily ever after. Most have grey areas where each party is figuring each other out and trying to see if their needs match up. Maybe they just have good conversation, sexual chemistry or something else. However, eventually, there needs to be a meeting of hearts and minds to see where the love story is going. That’s what Bridget Kelly is exploring on the song “In The Grey.”

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“I don’t know where we stand / I ain’t your woman and you ain’t my man / And I’m gon’ leave if you won’t stay,” she sings, matter-of-factly on the chorus. She exasperatedly wants to know what’s the dealio when she shares lyrics like, “In case someone asks me, I know what to say.” Kelly is out here trying not to look the fool in front of these folks. She needs to know what is the situation with her situationship. This reality check is over a midtempo groove of guitar licks, deep bass, warped synths and drums.

For the song's music video, it’s only right that it is a black-and-white clip that explores the grey area and tension between Bridget and her somewhat significant other. Directed by Isaac Yowman, the video starts with Bridget looking over the table at her love interest, giving her best sexy librarian glare as she interrogates him. The clip also uses a few visual effects, like fade-outs, jarring camera shifts and some staticky snow.

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“In the Grey” is a single taken from Bridget Kelly’s long-awaited debut album, Reality Bites, which she finally dropped last Friday. Hit play below and let us know if you can relate to the singer’s quagmire.

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