TXS & Rico Love Wish An Ex The Worst On 'Do Good'

A popular adage is that there’s nothing like a woman scorned. TXS, along with her mentor Rico Love, are out to show the world exactly why in the revenge anthem, “Do Good.”

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On “Do Good,” TXS isn’t bitter. In fact, she’s wishing her ex the best. Well, let’s be honest, she’s being passive-aggressive. “I hope you don’t find another crazy one, cause Lord knows that I was,” she sweetly coos over Rico Love and Danja’s booming midtempo thump. The song not-so-discretely hides its intent over some sarcastic lyrical content. While “Do Good” is very similar to some of Love’s other work in his catalog, namely “They Don’t Know,” it’s just different enough – like the subtle sound of gunfire – to keep things interesting. Not to mention TXS’s sweet vocals, which really sell it.

Directed by Parris Steward, the music video looks like a glam, post-breakup photo shoot that is slowly revealed to be a nightmare. We see a man, presumably her no-good ex, tied to a chair watching her on a black-and-white TV, strapped to a table with his limbs stretched out and stuck in a box while TXS grinds on top of it. Meanwhile, TXS is living her best life in a number of sexy looks, including a one-piece bathing suit, a black leather dominatrix-inspired number and a red body suit. The clip ends with her ex waking up from the nightmare only to find a little memento from the video on his nightstand. Was it all a dream or was it real?

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“Do Good” is the first release from Rico Love Presents, a series of projects that the prolific writer/producer has nurtured under his creative vision. It promises to deliver real R&B from one of the masters of the boards. TXS was discovered by the producer via Instagram after she shared a few videos of her singing. The rest is history. We’ll be on the lookout for what else is coming out of Mr. Love’s R&B boot camp. Until then, hit play and tell us if they did a good job on this one.

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