The APX Aren’t Afraid To ‘Rock The Boat’ With A Funky Aaliyah Remix

Since Aaliyah‘s untimely passing in 2001, we’ve listened to more than our fair share of “Rock the Boat” reinterpretations. From covers to remixes to mash-ups, many artists/producers/DJs have put their spin on the irresistible classic, much to the delight (and sometimes, dismay) of our listening ears. Yet, just when we think we’ve heard it all, Atlanta funksters The APX have come through with an unexpected redux that is Bounce-Worthy indeed.

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Rather than maintain the sultry, downtempo flow of the original, the husband-and-wife duo pick up the pace without sacrificing any of the sizzle. Aside from being sped up, Aaliyah’s signature vocals remain intact throughout the electronic groove. The instrumentals emit slight hints of René & Angela‘s “I’ll Be Good” (which they’ve already covered, coincidentally) and Chaka Khan‘s “I Know You, I Live You.” But the galactic, synth-driven arrangement also bubbles with originality. In other words, The Rhodes have delivered something funky-fresh with retro appeal, and we won’t stop jammin’ to it anytime soon.

Give “Rock The Boat (The APX Remix)” a spin below and head over to The Artist Union for a free download of the track. Keep up with The APX via Twitter and the Gram while they continue to work on their follow-up to Electrik Funk. Fans that are ready to help them “#SpreadTheFunk to the masses” should consider joining the FUNKBOTZ street team for a chance to earn free music, discounted merchandise and receive an exclusive first listen on any new music.

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