SoulBounce Exclusive: Get Wrapped Up In Maya Killtron's 'Satin Sheets'

Photo Credit: Valery Gore

The last time we heard from Maya Killtron, she gave us "Whiplash" with her boy-crazy, fun summertime single. Now the Toronto-based singer/DJ/violinist is back with another summer-ready, vintage-sounding jam with the track "Satin Sheets." And just like with "Whiplash," SoulBounce is blessing you with the exclusive world premiere.

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After throwing it back to the '80s for her previous single, Maya moves us into the next decade with "Satin Sheets." Once again linking up with previous collaborators Miloš Angelov and Jesse Bear, this go 'round they craft a joyride to the Westside on the synth-heavy song that sounds straight outta Compton and would fit right into any '90s R&B jams playlist. Musically, the song puts us in a zone and makes us want to do a series of old-school dances. Meanwhile, Maya is going through it in the lyrics. You see, she made the mistake of getting caught up in the rapture with a man who's already involved. She's fully aware that this situation is all bad. "I can't believe I found myself here again / Willing to lose more than win / With a man who's only half in," she sings ever-so-sweetly on the chorus. Unfortunately, knowing better and doing better are two different things, and she decides to ignore her better judgment for a roll in the hay. "Now I'm tied up in the emotions of these satin sheet memories," she lyrically laments, but regret never sounded so good. We can relate, sis.

If you're loving Maya Killtron as much as we are, then be sure to stay in her loop with follows on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After you listen to "Satin Sheets," dive into her back catalog on SoundCloud. Look out for much more from Maya this year with three projects on the way: Her debut solo album, Never Dance Alone; an EP with NYC DJ duo LoveTaps and ConcertBLACK, her live string quintet concert series featuring all female arrangers and performers.

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