Serayah Is Swimming In Her Feelings In 'GTTM'

While we're used to seeing Serayah as her Empire character Tiana, the singer and actress is quietly showing us just who she is musically. Back in August, she released her single "Driving Me," which was produced by Jazze Pha — who also happened to be featured on the song. Now she's back with another single, "GTTM (Going Through The Motions)," which is a bit more adult in theme as she tackles a relationship that's run its course.

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A wavy, watery synth groove accompanied by snaps sets the mood for this one as Serayah bemoans what is essentially two people hanging on to a love that's no longer there. Like Marshawn Lynch, it seems that Serayah and her boo are just there so they don't get fined. Meanwhile, the flame has burned out and the relationship needs to be put out of its misery. The video builds off the water-like elements of the production by featuring Serayah in a lavish pool as she dons extravagant swimsuits and lingerie pieces while singing her lament to the camera. To say the girl looks stunning is an understatement. Though she conveys the heartbreak in the lyrics quite well, she also smolders for the camera more than the flames that occasionally make their way into the video's shots.

"['GTTM'] is a song that I think a lot of people can relate to," Serayah wrote on Twitter about the track. "It's one of those songs that if you've ever felt something or hurt, it'll help you get through it. Just keep pushing through and rising above."

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Check out Serayah lounging poolside while sorting through her feelings in the video for "GTTM (Going Through The Motions)" below.

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