Nicolay & The Hot At Nights Journey To The Outer Limits On 'Glaciers'

Though we’re always grateful for any new music that comes out of the +FE Music camp, we were not in any way prepared for the one-two punch dealt by our favorite dynamic duo. As our heads are still reeling from Phonte's lyrical masterpiece No News Is Good News released just weeks ago, his creative counterpart Nicolay, along with 8-string guitarist Chris Boerner, saxophonist and woodwind master Matt Douglas and sickening drummer Nick “Nickybagz” Baglio, collectively known as jazz trio The Hot at Nights, followed suit with a musical treasure of their own entitled Glaciers. Previously, they've taken us on journeys through magical places like Shibuya and Soweto as part of their Shibuya Sessions collaborative EP and Nic's City Lights series, and now it seems our quest has taken us to another realm. Though we can always count on the crew for a seamless blend of electronic and live instrumentation, this latest release takes the theme of cohesive versatility to a whole new level.

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Our 41-minute trek begins with the lead single "Now The Coast Is Clear," which literally feels like an astral ascension. We reach a comfortable and dreamy altitude and simply cruise to the cosmic calm of the next two tracks, “Tell Me Something New” and “Of Days Gone By,” which gradually increases in intensity toward its end signaling a sonic change in terrain. From there we pick up the pace with "Pioneer 11" and are catapulted into a frenzy of vibrant horns and dazzling synth work, though it feels much like a drummer’s paradise. We catch our breath for just a moment with the tranquility of “The Current” and the smooth sway of “Behind Your Door,” reminiscent of '80s pop rock. Our uptempo groove returns with "Saturn," where the drums and electric guitar show completely out and are punctuated with a soulful saxophone melody. We begin our descent with the contemplative “Victory of the People” and bid our gifted companions on this sensational soundscape adieu with the spirited track “To See You Again.”

Undeniable masters of their craft, Nicolay & The Hot at Nights trusted their creative guts and crafted a classic project encompassing an array of styles, giving each musician a moment to shine. Much like the album’s title, Glaciers is dynamic and full of movement making it the perfect soundtrack for a long, scenic drive; a flight overseas or a much-needed mental migration. Plan your trip now and give the latest from Nicolay & The Hot at Nights a listen.

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Nicolay & The Hot at Nights Glaciers [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

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