Kali Uchis Takes Us Beyond The Veil In ‘Get Up’

Kali Uchis has managed to wow with her debut album Isolation, which contains an eclectic mix of sounds not typically explored in mainstream R&B these days. And, as evidenced by her left-of-center clip for “After The Storm,” Kali also isn’t afraid to give us the unexpected on the visual tip either. For her latest video, however, she takes the directorial reins to give us a seductive look into her psyche with “Get Up.”

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If you were wondering why you can’t find the title “Get Up” on her album’s tracklist, it’s because the video is actually a combination of the two of the set’s shorter tracks — the interlude “Gotta Get Up” and the album intro “Body Language.” In the video’s first minute, we see Kali dressed in a black satin dress and matching gloves as she walks down a hallway to pay last respects. We soon realize that she’s arrived to attend her own funeral when she pulls back the white veil to reveal herself. The clip quickly switches to the bossa nova groove of “Body Language” as we see Kali in an elaborately decorated room while she moves and sways to the rhythm seductively. Soon, though, she’s running in the rain as she coos for us to come closer before the clip comes to a sublime end.

So far, Kali hasn’t elaborated on the clip’s greater meaning, so your interpretation of what’s going on here is as good as ours. What we are sure of, however, is that the clip is gorgeous to look at and listen to. Get into Kali Uchis’ “Get Up” when you press play.

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