DAWN Adds A Darker Shade To Janelle Monáe’s ‘Pynk’

D∆WN decided to flip the script on Janelle Monáe‘s single “Pynk” and make it a little more colorful. The songstress, who’s been releasing loosie after loosie over the last few of weeks, decided to flex her feminism flag in solidarity with Janelle on the track, adding a sultry groove to create “(Dark) Pynk Cover.” Produced by Derek Berg and D∆WN, the duo strip the electric guitars, keeping a contagious hip-hop bounce throughout the entire track. When D∆WN starts the track off in a lower register, she automatically turns up the sexy quotient and makes it more R&B and less pop than the original.

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The under three-minute cover highlights D∆WN’s vocal talents and her ability to take something and truly make it her own. About her inspiration to take on the cover, D∆WN took to Instagram to explain and shower Monáe with praise. “I f**ked with it heavy so i asked the beautiful goddess if i could remix it. she gave the girl the greenlight. i flipped it and made that s*it DARK PYNK. it’s on my soundcloud,” she wrote.

D∆WN is showing and proving that she is indie but major in 2018. She recently got us ready for the summer with the party starter “Bonfire,” and now she’s heating things up again with her darker take on “Pynk.” You may end up keeping this cut on repeat, we definitely will. Let us know if you prefer this version or the original when you listen to “(Dark) Pynk Cover” right here.

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