DAWN Is Ready For The Summer Heat With ‘Bonfire’

We’ve commented on just how prolific D∆WN is, but there’s another adjective that should also be used when talking about Miss Richard: consistent. The genre-bending singer-songwriter rarely missteps and manages to take us places we never imagined going with her unique musical approach. After hooking us up last month with her banger “Hunger,” she’s back to give us more of what we’re looking for with her latest loosie, “Bonfire.”

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This time around, D∆WN is serving a slice of electro-soul with just a dash of house to keep things spicy. Pulsing kick drums lead things off as the song builds layers, eventually introducing airy synth chords and a simple bass line before we first hear her voice. D∆WN plays the part of a woman first discovering infatuation. “I feel your heat, baby / You musta just walked int he room right now, baby,” she sings. “I’m smooth with my feet, baby / So it’s nothing to slide right next to you.” Entranced by the spark between them, she can’t help but be the moth to his flame and be consumed by his fire. The mixture of house and R&B here puts us in the mind of a Kaytranada jam, but with a uniquely D∆WN touch. And by the time it gets to the dreamy, steamy chorus, it’s a wrap.

Summer’s not here yet (hell, spring isn’t either, if we’re being honest), but we can’t wait put this one on our playlists when it does finally arrive. Check out “Bonfire” below.

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