Snakehips & St. Rulez Deliver A Groove For Your ‘Cruzin” & Reveal ‘Stay Home Tapes’ Tracklist

Just in time for warmer weather, Snakehips is here to heat things up with their latest release. The British duo of Oliver Lee and James Carter are prepping for their upcoming EP, Stay Home Tapes, showcasing their eclectic mashup of hip-hop, funk, soul and electronic sounds. The duo has revealed the EP tracklist ahead of its April 6th drop date, with features from Chaz French, Jay Prince, Jeremih and Aminé. Now we get the first listen from the six-track EP with a breezy summer groove named “Cruzin'” featuring St. Rulez. and get a look at its accompanying music video.

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On “Cruzin’,” St. Rulez smoothly kicks his game to a young lady atop Snakehips’ production. The singer wants to dip out in something foreign all night long and he wants her riding shotgun, but he’s getting some resistance to his invitation. “Call me when you’re cruzin’ / I do this, I do this / Don’t give me excuses / Excuses, I do this,” St. Rulez sings on the chorus. The track serves as the soundtrack to a three-part mini-movie about a middle-aged woman named Sue and her friend, who go on a joyride through Los Angeles that gives them every reason to stay home next time. In “Act 1” of the movie, the scene is set with a couple’s argument after her man forgets her birthday. Sue walks by the turmoil with an accomplished smile on her face, and we follow her to the beginning of her adventure. She waltzes down the street with her dog until she stops at an open vehicle that clearly doesn’t belong to her. Snakehips decide to keep us on the edge of our seats with this one as the video ends abruptly when the words “STAY HOME” flash on the screen.

About the new video and EP, the duo says, “The EP is a bunch of tunes that we made after a crazy few years of touring and traveling the world. We called it Stay Home as a kinda jokey way to express all the mad stuff you experience and the bizarre characters you meet along the way, and throughout that trying to stay true to yourself. The video goes with this idea, too. It’s a crazy narrative that we cooked up with director Can Evgin based on an Asian woman’s journey through some incredibly trippy s**t!”

We can’t wait to see where Snakehips’ vision takes Sue in the upcoming visuals and hear the tracks to go with them. Peep the Stay Home Tapes tracklist after you watch the music video for “Cruzin’,” and if you like what you’re hearing you can cop the song from your choice of digital retailers.

Snakehips Stay Home Tapes tracklist:

1.    All-Stars Intro (~_~;)
2.    Cruzin’ (feat. St Rulez)
3.    For The F^_^k Of It (feat. Jeremih & Aminé)
4.    Déjà Vu (feat. Knox Brown & Chaz French)
5.    iii’m Not Sorry (feat. Elbee Thrie)
6.    ERA (feat. Jay Prince)

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