Snakehips, Jeremih & Aminé Let Loose 'For The F^_^k Of It'

In Snakehips' new video, "For the F^_^k of It," we pick up where things left off in "Cruzin'" shortly after Sue, a middle-aged Asian woman, has just hotwired a car and decides to head out for a joyride. Now she's picked up a friend, another middle-aged Asian woman, and the two ride through the streets of Los Angeles singing along to the Jeremih and Aminé-assisted song.

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Things take a trippy turn when Tyson, one-half of the couple seen arguing in "Cruzin'" lands on their car. Initially, it seems as if an accident has just taken place, but then Tyson dusts himself off and gets into what seems like the weirdest Uber ride ever. Sue greets him by name, he hands out some burgers and the three take off to paint the town red. Things take an ominous turn, however, when the trio gets surrounded by mysterious "ninjas" on motorcycles. With a mischievous grin, Sue suddenly says, "It's your lucky day, Tyson."  The scene then flashes back to the argument from earlier and his girlfriend. Is his fate some sort of payback for being a bad boyfriend?

It sure seems that way after Sue darkly says, "We are gonna miss having you around, Tyson." Resigned to his mysterious fate, he ask simply, "Is everything gonna be okay?" Sue promises that things would be fine before her friend chimes in with a creepy, "Heaven's our witness." The camera then pans to the darkened California sky that appears to be filled with some type of floating pods. Are Sue and her girl hitwomen? Are they turning Tyson over to some otherworldly purpose? Is Tyson the one who should have stayed home, as the video abruptly warns at the end? Well, you're going to have to wait until the third and final installment of the Can Evgin-directed series to find out.

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The eerie and edgy visuals provide the perfect backdrop for the ode to just letting loose and living in the moment. Jeremih and Aminé trade light-hearted verses in this catchy tune. Brits Oliver Lee and James Carter have crafted a sunny, bouncy song that is sure to find its way onto many summer playlists. "For the F^_^k of It" is the second single released from the duo's upcoming EP, Stay Home Tapes. Set to drop April 6th, the six-track project was inspired by the unique characters they encountered while touring. Hop in for this trippy night on the town with Sue and pre-order the EP now.

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