Seinabo Sey Provides Something To 'Remember' Her By

Last week, Seinabo Sey released her first new music in almost three years – a remarkable double-side featuring "I Owe You Nothing" and "Remember." To say we were excited would be a gross understatement, particularly since the Bounce-Worthy Swede also blessed us with statement-piece visuals for the A-side track. Seeing her fierceness on display against a backdrop that celebrated her Gambian roots gave us life, but her new visuals for the second song have taken our breath away.

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Like its predecessor, "Remember" boasts Sheila Johansson at the helm and offers a thought-provoking quote as an introduction. However, the colorful fabrics and textured scenery are replaced with stunning black-and-white oceanic views. Loosely inspired by the Oscar-winning film Moonlight, the painfully-short clip opts for a minimalist approach, much like the ballad itself. Wrapped in gauzy, white fabric that mirrors the billowing sea foam, Ms. Sey is captivating as she explores her aquatic setting. Meanwhile, two men with beautiful, ebony-hued skin share a supportive bond, powerfully underscored by Jacob Banks' raw vocals.

The song is very personal as Seinabo recently revealed to Dazed, "I think I actually wrote it to myself. I know I did. One part of me just wants to be remembered, wants people to like my music, and like me. Another part of me is like, 'You know damn well that you've been liked and that doesn't make you happier, but if you just want to be remembered we can fix that.' I'm talking to my ego in a sense. I teamed up with Jacob [Banks], and we turned it into more of a love song, but it's about wanting to be remembered for all of the good things, and hoping that you can walk out of a relationship – whether it be with myself in time, or with a person – feeling a sense of freedom."

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SeinaBae has no reason to worry, we've loved her from the start and couldn't forget her if we tried. Not that we would ever want to. Watch "Remember" below and celebrate the return of one of our faves by purchasing the full single via iTunes or Amazon. Seinabo Sey is currently working on a follow up to Pretend so be sure to visit her website and social media pages for updates.

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