Sango & Smino Show Us The Beauty Of Rio De Janeiro In ‘Khlorine’

Wanna get away? Sure you do, especially considering that spring just hasn’t sprung yet over most of the U.S. Well, Sango has the cure for your blues with his latest video from In The Comfort Of. With “Khlorine,” the producer and beatsmith teams with rapper/crooner Smino and takes us to beautiful Rio de Janeiro for the song’s visuals.

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Of course, when most hip-hop stars shoot videos in Rio, we get views of sun-drenched beaches and string bikini-clad vixens. That’s not the case for “Khlorine,” though. Instead, the video focuses on the city’s natural beauty as we follow Smino’s journey through the Brazilian city. But director Glassface also incorporates trippy digital effects, distorting the images in the clip into digital wipes that bleed into other scenes. The effect is disorienting, for sure, but it also keeps the viewer’s interest as they wonder what will happen next. Interestingly enough, the video ends exactly where it began as Smino lays back down and visions of crystal blue water signal the video’s conclusion.

Though the aesthetic of “Khlorine” and “Sweet Holy Honey” are completely different visually, they still somehow fit together in the aesthetic that Sango’s created for In The Comfort Of. With the album already out in stores, we can’t wait to see what he creates for his next visual.

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