Keke Palmer Gets 'Bossy' While Debuting New Single On 'Star'

We think it’s safe to say that our days of looking forward to music from FOX’s musical drama series Empire are over. Sure, “Look But Don’t Touch,” got some burn last year, but pretty much everything else has been dead on arrival. However, that hasn’t stopped spin-off Star from trying to reach the same heights. In fact, Keke Palmer has been trying to use the show as a platform to help bring some buzz to her own musical ambitions. But, will her latest single, “Bossy,” get the same love as "Snitch B***h?" Could “Bossy” be the next “Drip Drop?”

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Well, to be honest, probably not. “Bossy” is a trap R&B track where Keke is letting us know she’s “I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T” as the prophet Lil Boosie once pontificated of his dream woman. “Hood and bougie / Gucci on my booty,” She proudly proclaims over the simmering beat. Is the song bad? No. Exceptional? We wouldn’t go that far either. It’s fun, but we really don’t see it becoming a bad b***h anthem try as it might.

In this clip taken from Star, Keke, in character as Gigi, performs for a crowd at Atlanta strip club venue, V Live. Of course, since she’s in a strip club it’s only right that she has a few dancers thick from cornbread and cabbage shaking what they momma's gave them. And, Keke has no problems working the pole herself. Meanwhile, we see the other stars from the show making it rain on stage, grinding up on each other and giving their antagonists mean side-eyes.

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“Bossy” is the first single from Keke Palmer’s upcoming album, The Boss. It will be released later this year on her own imprint, Big Boss Entertainment. Watch the Star performance sequence from an upcoming episode, and let us know if Keke is really making some boss moves with her music and acting.

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