India Shawn, Alex Isley & Ré Lxuise Thirst For Lost Love On ‘Water Me’

As the saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” It sounds good, but this concept is a little hard to grasp when the absence of your boo leaves you questioning whether you can go on without all they have brought into your life. On her new single “Water Me,” singer/songwriter India Shawn likens the depth of this type of love to a flower needing both rain and sun to survive. In a delicate tone she pleads with her lover, “I used to be your dream girl / Til’ you got everything that you wanted from me / But really I still need you / To bring me back to life cause my heart is on E / Will you water me?” L.A. songbird Alex Isley joins India on the track and echoes this sentiment as she sings, “Come and save me,  bae / Cause I’m withering away.” Lastly, emerging talent Ré Lxuise steps up to the mic and puts the punctuation on this melodic masterpiece singing, “I’ve been working on my patience / But it feels like a love drought / And everybody loves them sunny days / But I need you to let your loving fall like rain.” The track, produced and co-written by Jayla Darden, oozes with emotion and feminine energy and is highlighted by a smoky groove and the trio’s pristine harmonies.

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While there is no word on whether this latest offering is part of India Shawn’s much-anticipated debut solo album, fans of the seductive songstress and frequent collaborator of James Fauntleroy wait with hopeful speculation. “Water Me” seems to be evidence of a migration toward something new, while sticking to the vocal and songwriting quality we’ve come to love her for. Though the single marks the first time these ladies have worked together, it feels like a musical match made in heaven. Could this be what her latest hashtag #FEELSLikeFATE is referring to, or is she teasing fans with the title of her upcoming project? We’re not sure, but we are excited to see all that she has in store.

Check out India Shawn’s “Water Me” featuring Alex Isley and Ré Lxuise and drown in all of its soulful glory.

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