Big K.R.I.T. & Lloyd Take Us Way Back To Party Like It’s ‘1999’

For a few of us of a certain age, 1999 was a crucial year in our respective heydays. Whether we were fast-tailed adolescents getting into trouble or young adults finally coming into our own, we can all pick out a good memory from the year that brought us fear of the Y2K bug and Juvenile‘s hood classic “Back That Azz Up.” Big K.R.I.T. has fond memories of that year (or at least Juve’s hit song) too and takes us back in time in the video for 4eva Is A Mighty Long Time single “1999.”

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K.R.I.T. teams up with crooner Lloyd for the song and time travels back in a DeLorean for the Tyler Yee-directed visuals. In the clip, the duo arrives at their destination, a kickback circa ’99, where a bevy of pretty young thangs are ready to get it poppin’. Lloyd then channels his inner Juve over a slick flip of Guy‘s “Piece Of My Love” while K.R.I.T. gets busy praising the type of girl who knows her way around p-popping but can still manage to keep it classy when needed. Of course, to make sure you know when the video is supposed to be set, plenty of elements from the era are present. The ladies are rocking everything from plaid schoolgirl skirts and Tommy Hilfiger bralets to butterfly clips and tube tops. K.R.I.T., Lloyd and the other fellas present dabble in the ’90s fashions as well, sporting FUBU, velour tracksuits and airbrushed t-shirts. To make it even more authentic, a good portion of the video is also shot using a fisheye lens as a way to throw back to Hype William‘s influence on the medium during the era. It’s enough to make us wanna throw on an oversized FUBU jersey, some Lugz and a herringbone gold chain and hit the club.

Outside of dropping a new video, K.R.I.T. is also getting ready to embark on his Heavy Is The Crown Tour which kicks off this Friday in St. Louis. You can find out more about tickets and dates for the tour here and check out “1999” below.

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