TY Wants You To Keep Your 'Eyes Open'

TY, the British rapper/producer and “the real mayor of Brixton,” wants to give his fans hope with his latest track, “Eyes Open.” Featuring OG Rootz (formerly known as Durrty Goodz), Deborah Jordan and Pumpkin, the track is about more than just being woke but being unstoppable.

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On “Eyes Open,” TY shares the words of all the naysayers in his life. “Not from the right country / You don’t have the right accent / Skin and bone or you too fat / Don’t have the right skin tone,” he repeats. However, TY isn’t just hemming and hawing, as he shares his only breakthrough going through the trials and tribulations, making the song ultimately uplifting. His guest stars Deborah Jordan and Pumpkin provide background vocals, while OG Rootz lets us know he's an a-plus MC as well, proclaiming, "I move heads and shoulders like dandruff."

In the Bunny Bread-directed video for the track, TY is a reporter trying to deliver truth to the masses anyway he can. In the opening scene, the rapper goes into his editor’s office to confront her about all the negative headlines in their newspaper that correspond with his lyrics. He is quickly escorted out by a pair of goons for attempting to upset the status quo. Undeterred, he shares his message of vigilance with the masses by handing out papers to people on the street. This angers his editor and leads to our hero’s kidnapping. However, TY’s disappearance doesn’t go unnoticed as his co-stars are on the case. An allegory for the way the music industry has tried to silence the MC, it’s a simple idea executed extremely well.

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“Eyes Open” comes from TY’s upcoming album, A Work of Heart, due for release on March 2nd. It will be the fifth album from the British rhymesmith and is available for der on Bandcamp. Hit play and get into these positive vibes from across the pond.

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