SoulBounce Exclusive: Liv Warfield & Ryan Waters Make Themselves At Home For Chance Hayden’s ‘Peace House Sessions’

Portland, Oregon-based guitarist/producer/songwriter Chance Hayden introduced his Peace House Sessions live performance series in 2015 and quickly caught our attention with his first guest Jarrod Lawson. Since then, he’s had various performers join him over the years, and now he’s kicking off the 2018 season with another exceptional performance filmed live in his living room. For the return of Peace House Sessions, getting comfy on Chance’s couch are powerhouse vocalist Liv Warfield and guitarist to the stars Ryan Waters.

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Liv and Ryan are currently members of the band Roadcase Royale alongside Heart vocalist Nancy Wilson, but they’ve worked and performed extensively with each other for years before the new group’s formation. This past fall the pair had a couple gigs in Portland, and while they were in town Chance invited them over to his crib to film the Peace House Sessions. Warfield and Waters were right at home in Hayden’s home, and they launched into a flawless two-song set like the seasoned professionals they are.

According to Ryan, it was a simple, fun process. “We sat down on the couch and jammed through a couple of old favorites, live and off-the-cuff.” With Liv rocking the mic and Ryan strumming the guitar, they performed two songs penned by him, “Black Bird,” from her 2014 album The Unexpected, and “The More Things Change.” On both tracks, Liv’s honeyed vocals are soulful, rich and effortless atop his acoustic guitar. Their mini-performance isn’t only entertaining to us, but it was a bit of stress relief for them, too. “It was the perfect way for us to decompress after a crazy year and recalibrate before we get loud n’ crazy again in 2018,” Ryan shares about their ability to relax, relate and release during this session.

Enjoy the SoulBounce exclusive world premiere of Liv Warfield and Ryan Waters’ Peace House Sessions videos right here. If you love Liv and Ryan’s episode and want to see more like this, you can support the project and help to fund production costs by backing it on Patreon. Chance Hayden is committed to this work. “I aim to continue presenting soulful music that connects people with positivity,” he tells us. We admire his purpose and passion and can’t wait to see future episodes. Join us in keeping up with the Peace House Sessions on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram for the latest updates.

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