Portrait Is Back And Ready To Get ‘In The Moment’

Remember Portrait? The at-one-time quartet had us all jamming in the ’90s with jams like “Honey Dip” and their biggest hit “Here We Go Again.” They’ve been pretty quiet since the ’90s ended, but have managed to stay close to the music scene. And now, the group is returning to the scene nearly 30 years after they first began with a new, smooth single called “In The Moment.”

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The group — now a trio featuring founding members Michaelangelo Saulsberry and Phillip Johnson and newcomer Ruben Cruz — hasn’t lost a step musically since their glory days and it shows on the new single. They waste no time getting right in the pocket for a sensual jam that aims for seduction with lush production. Strings, guitar and keys all get play here as they set up a suave palette for them to lay out their game. “Cruisin’ Sunset and I saw your face / You was lookin’ so good / My mind started to race,” the first verse begins. “Fantasies of you and I / Run through my mind / Didn’t know it when I saw ya / But you was just my type.” Later, on the super slick chorus, they let this vision of beauty know that, in this particular moment, they’re going to make one hell of a love connection. The song definitely sounds like one of the best love jams from the ’90s. But don’t get it twisted, this one definitely fits in the here and now as well.

We’re hoping that this particular moment won’t be a one-time thing, as we could definitely get used to this. Check out Portrait’s comeback single below and be sure to add it to tonight’s V-Day playlist while you’re at it.

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