Jordan Rakei Reveals His Sinister Side In ‘Eye To Eye’

When we think of Jordan Rakei, we think warm, jazz-tinged soul music. What we don’t think is that he could possibly be a deranged psychopath. However, in the video for “Eye To Eye,” the latest single from his lauded recent album Wallflower has us a little scared of him, quite frankly — but that’s just a testament to the amazing acting job he pulls off here. He teams up with director Tom Ewbank to deliver a performance unlike any that we’ve ever seen from him, revealing yet another unexpected layer.

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The video begins with Jordan emerging from the tide, nose bloodied and a determined look on his face. We soon realize that Jordan is dragging a limp, lifeless body from the tide with him. Before we can even rationalize that he might be trying to save someone, we then see him burying the body beneath the sand and driving off. Wait, what just happened? What comes next is a masterful performance from Jordan as he portrays a man on the brink of liquor-fueled madness. Alone in a space, he runs the gamut of emotions as he spirals deeper and deeper into the abyss. Finally, he goes back to the scene of the crime to dig up the body, with a shocking reveal adding yet another twist to an already intriguing and thought-provoking clip.

“This was the first bit of acting that Jordan had done and I was initially concerned that we may struggle to transform one of the nicest and most considerate people I know into a psychopath,” Ewbank told Clash about the video. “I’m not sure what Jordan’s performance says about him as a person but his portrayal is very convincing and at times terrifying. I’ve always enjoyed working with Jordan and I feel very fortunate to have worked with him on this project, hopefully his fans enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Watch Jordan Rakei’s descent into madness in the video for “Eye To Eye” below.

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