Joi Delivers Quite The Spectacle In ‘Stare At Me’

We find it impossible to think that anybody would ever be able to keep their eyes off of Joi. As a matter of fact, her bold, fierce style dares you to look away. If you somehow were able to go this long without casting a glance, however, you’re going to want to watch this. The wholly original musical innovator gave us some next level funk to listen to with her recent single “Stare At Me,” and she’s following that up with the song’s arresting visuals.

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As the song’s title would suggest, the clip puts the focus entirely on Joi. She allows us to enter into her world as she vamps around her studio while rocking a host of different looks and performing the track. And, while the focus is on her visage, we get an idea of who she is and what makes her tick as the camera pans over her studio and reveals books, paintings and pictures that give an insight into her influences (we’re especially loving that Prince painting, sis). Not much else happens in the clip, but damn if we aren’t entertained, intrigued and a little bit titillated after spending four exhilarating minutes with Miss Gilliam.

“Stare At Me” is, of course, the first taste of Joi’s upcoming SIR Rebekkah Holylove LP, which is coming soon. In fact, you can pre-order a digital bundle on her website now which guarantees you’ll get the project weeks before streaming platforms and retailers. But first, feast your eyes on “Stare At Me” below.

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