JMSN Goes Completely Retro In The Video For ‘So Badly’

JMSN constantly proves to be one of the most prolific (and consistent) artists of our current generation. In fact, he reminds us of some of our talented legends of yesteryear. That’s especially true with his recent single “So Badly,” which channels a soulful groove reminiscent of ’70s decadence. He also channels that feel and look in the song’s recently released video.

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If you’ve ever watched a music video or televised performance from the late ’70s or early ’80s, then you’re familiar with the aesthetic. Disco balls are abundant, bell bottoms and platform shoes are plenty and everything seems to shine and glow. That’s exactly what JMSN is giving you in this clip. His band rocks turtlenecks and round-lensed sunglasses, giving us visions of John Lennon as they warm up the crowd at the video’s start. But the main event happens when JMSN steps out onto the stage rocking a three-piece, bell-bottomed velvet suit. He then proceeds to give us his best impression of Marvin Gaye in his heyday against the golden tinsel curtain backdrop as the ladies in the crowd go wild.

It’s safe to say that JMSN does the soul tradition proud here while crafting a fun (and fun to watch) visual. Put on your leisure suits and get into his latest visual right here.

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